I’m speaking at WordCamp Raleigh

“Bridging The Designer/Developer Gap” is aimed at helping attendees learn a bit more about each other, themselves and the wid and wacky skill set that we all need when working with WordPress.

Do you call yourself a designer, or a developer, or perhaps a hybrid of both, in varied proportions? What has led you to say so? Most of us have been self-taught in WordPress, but most designers carry some formal education in their field and developers are also likely to have had classes in computer science and other programming-related courses.

Whether you call yourself a designer or developer, you’ve probably had to learn a bit of The Other Side’s skills in order to progress with a project. That, or you’ve subcontracted ¬†work out to others. If you’re a designer, have you ever had the developer you’re working with come back to you and say, “this solution may not be the best”? If you’re a developer, have you ever been handed a comprehensive layout and thought to yourself, “if only this designer knew a little bit of what I had to do to make this design work“?

If any of these teaser questions apply to you, then you may want to come to my talk. I can’t promise I’ll have the answers, but I’ll be encouraging some lively discussion and hopefully we can share with each other how we’ve dealt with challenges like this.

And if you’re not at Raleigh, I’ll try to post video after the event.

Posted on: May 19, 2011 at 9:00 am under: WordCamp

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  • Amor says:

    Wow! You’re speaking at WordCamp Raleigh! Congrats, ang galing naman! I wish I could come, kung Quiapo lang yun hehe. Will wait for the video.

    • Jayvie says:

      I’ll definitely get the video out as soon as I can; not sure if anyone’s doing post production for the event but I’m bringing my own video camera, too. I spoke last year but I wasn’t able to track down the person who took a video of my entire talk using a Flip.

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